Wine Workshop
Oenological Club


 "L'Atelier du Vin brings together Men and Women with the same demand of authenticity
to discover the soils and wineyards"

Benoit Vacher
at le Château de Curzay



L'Atelier du Vin


 Oenological Courses & Dinners

During each course, Benoît Vacher, cellarman at Le Château de Curzay,
will help you in Wine-tasting, in revealing wine parfumes and initiating you to the most subtil harmonies.


Oenological Courses
From Thursday to Sunday
        From 10:00 to 12:00 : 80 euros            

  From Wednesday to Sunday:
 Menu "Atelier du Vin"
      Blind Wine-Tasting :
110 euros      


 "Be a wine maker"

 Grape harvest at Le Domaine d’Ampelidae in Marigny Brizay

 Special Offers

 Cutting of the grape
Make your own wine

 Oenological Club

 Each month, the Oenological Club organises a meeting on a
Thursday night to make you discover a wine and to meet its producer.
Tasting, discovery and dinner especially prepared to match
with the wine of the day

Le Club de l'Atelier du Vin


"Atelier du Vin"

"Oenological dinners
or stays to discover
the wines and enjoy allthe Château de Curzay's charms..."


 Located on an old cretaceous atoll, the grounds of this vineyard are made of acids; they are rich in argillaceaous flint and sandstone with strong contents of minerals and locally calcareous. This specific ground allows the cultivation of four different grapes: Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

In Poitou, and more precisely in Marigny-Brizay, the visitor will have the opportunity to discover a local wine:
the Ampélidae.


This charming town could have been known for its salt trade, but today it is by its own brandy, the COGNAC that gives the town an international aura.

The COGNAC History :

 From the 17th Century, so as to travel under the best conditions by boat, people from Cognac had the idea to use a double distillation to an alcohol they were already producing. At the origin, this alcohol, stored in oak barrels, was to be diluted later. It is by chance that they discoverd that pure, this Brandy improved with time while in contact with oak; it is thus that they started to drink it and named it "COGNAC".

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