Lusignan & The Mélusine Fairy


LusignanThe name of Melusine comes from a medieval legend, the legend of the Fairy Mélusine, the legend of a woman with a human body and a snake tail. In the 12th Century, the powerfull family of LUSIGNAN, used this myth by making Mélusine ("Mother Lusigne") the founding member of its line of descendants. At the end of the 14th Century, Mélusine became a historical name as Jean d'Arras wrote about her legend.

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Mélusine's Fairy Tale

Mélusine's Mother casted a spell on her. It was supposed to be only broken as Mélusine was finding a man to marry her without seeking to find out her secret on Sabbat's day. Mélusine Married Raymondin and maked him promise that he would never try to see her on Saturdays. They had ten boys.

One day, Raymondin transgressed the rule by entering is wife's room. He saw her "having a bath in a large marble tub, she had a woman's body to the navel and was combing her hair. From her navel was beginning a snaka tail." Mélusine run away and Raymondin never saw her again in human body.

Fée Mélusine Fée Mélusine