The Poitou's Treasure Road

The Poitou invites you to discover its hidden treasures by following its Historical and Cultural Roads. Nature, Romantic villages, Norman Art: let the Cultural Heritage of the area charm you and enjoy our special offer "Les Séjours de Curzay "

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From Curzay to Vouillé

 It is the most logical path from Curzay. A tour from about 45 miles. After leaving the Castle, push the door from the village church, an unusual and original museum dedicated to the art of stained-glass windows.
A few miles further, in Jazeneuil, the Benedictine Abbey of "La Chaise de Dieu" is reflecting in the river Vonne. By following the river, you will arrive in Lusignan, not only famous for its Legend of Melusine but also for its "Maison de Lusignan" who ruled Cyprus and Jerusalem for four centuries. It is always History that guides you in the Gallo-Roman vestiges (each summer, an opera festival is organized in its famous antique theatre) and leads us finally to Vouillé la Bataille, where Clovis and th Wisigoths confronted in 507.

Lusignan & La Fée Mélusine

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From Poitiers to Saint Savin

It is the most rich, varied and astonishing route, taking you at least one to two days to do it completely. The first stop is in Poitiers, the city of the hundred bell towers! 2000 years of Art and History. Notre Dame la Grande with its magnificent sculptured façade. During the summer, it is each evening the theatre of a sound and light show.
Le Château de Curzay organizes guided tours of the town for its guests.
After Poitiers, do not miss Chauvigny, unique Middle Age town in Europe with its five fortified Castles on the same headland and enjoy falconry shows in the Bishop's Castle.
A few miles from there, Saint Savin, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a perfect Roman unity from the 11th Century. The Abbey's mural paintings are world-famous. The tour finishes in Angles sur l'Anglin, charming artisan village. On the top of the hill, the feudal Castel where Guesclin chased the English away in 1372.
Lusignan & La Fée Mélusine

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From Lugugé to Civray

 This is the South Road. From You will have the opportunity to visit three Abbeys: Ligugé, Saint Benoît. Do not miss Nouaillé Maupertuis. The city has been the theatre in 732 of the battle where Charles Martel pushed the Arabs away during the Andalusia's Governors era. In Gençay, the remnants of a Military Castle from the 12th Century reminds us that Jean Le Bon has been imprisoned there after the battle of Poitiers. In a completely different spirit, Romagne, with its 250 species of primates, welcomes you in the Monkey's Valley! No cages nor fences in this area of freedoom. The tour continues in Charroux, admire the remnants of a magnificent Abbey and wander around in Civray among the ancient houses of the 15th Century.

Lusignan & La Fée Mélusine

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From Curzay to "La Cité de l'Ecrit"

Important family from the Val de Gartempe, the Mauléon's were the initiators of the development of Montmorrillon. Follow the Gartempe before starting with the visit of this wonderful little town. Before joining the Gartempe, you will have to cross the city of Chauvigny with its famous Middle Age town. In which you will have the opportunity to watch a Bird Show: birds flying above the city and the Vienne. It is only when arriving in Montmorrillon that old books lovers will reach their paradise in "La Cité des Métiers du Livre et de l'Ecrit" located in the heart of Montmorrillon. Surrounded by Historical buildings, this city will take you from the Origins of Bools untill these days.
Back to the Valley of the Vienne, Saint Savin, on of the most beautiful buiding in France, the Abbey of Saint Savin, UNESCO World Heritage Site which can be visited at the candles light. At last, after so many excursions, a moment of rest in Angles sur l’Anglin, one of the most beautiful villages of France, after going back to the quietness and serenity of Le Château de Curzay by passing through la Forêt de Moulière.

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From Curzay to Le Marais Poitevin

It is on the water that this route takes you in the heart of the charming area of Les Deux-Sèvres. Discover the hidden treasures of this wild nature near Le Marais Poitevin by boat. From Niort to the Aiguillon's Bay without forgetting Coulon-la-Garette nor Le Marais Poitevin. A surprising row at the rythm of the water. Discover unusual sceneries in superb harmonies of greens. Amazing but sensitive refion, privileged habitat for the varied acquatic fauna.  Unique territory, it offers the fascinating sight of the perfect union between land and water.

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La Rochelle:
from the old harbour to the acquarium

Generous, commited, La Rochelle loves difference. First democratic place in France, the first mayor has been elected in 1199, its people was protestant when the rest of the country was catholic. However, it preserves its exclusive and diverse charms. The old harbour reminds us the departure for the new Continent, the crowd waving when the boat was about to pass the harbour doors. La Rochelle proposes many Historical Museums and showed its originality in opening the biggest acquarium in France, an amazing journey in the heart of the Ocean depths.

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