Poitiers, city of Art and History


L'Eglise St-Hilaire
St-Hilaire's Church,
built in the 11th Century

Baptistère St-Jean
St-Jean Baptisetery.
4th & 5th Centuries.

Eglise Ste-Radegonde
Ste-Radegonde's Church
11th & 15th Centuries.

Poitiers, the Middle Age Evidence City

Poitiers, the Middle Age evidence city

In the heart of France, Poitiers has been one of the best witness of History. From the height of their bell-towers, many churches and monuments testify of the special nature of this town that has found the way to protect since more than 2000 years the trace of each era. The Church "Notre Dame La Grande" will confide you its secrets through its sculptured façade that conceals the Christian message. The Saint-Jean Baptistery from the 4th Century, Hilaire baptized there the new Christians, is the most ancient Christian building in France. The many churches form the 11th Century to the 16th Century are offering you a fabulous discovery of the medieval French Heritage. In Poitiers everything reminds you the the Middle Age period, the half-timbered houses, the Law Courts which was the residence of the powerfull dukes of Aquitaine, and which is also the place where Jeanne d'Arc has been heard in 1429.

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